OASIS Image Consent Policy

It is OASIS policy that where we are planning to use an image (photograph or video film) for materials in the public domain, consent must be obtained by the appropriate person as set out by this consent form.

Consent continues and will remain in place for the lifetime of the person’s membership with OASIS. Consent can be withdrawn at any time by notifying OASIS in writing.

OASIS use images in a range of materials to promote the charity and illustrate the work we do. This includes (but is not limited to) leaflets, posters, the website and social media.

Consent for images must be given by a legal parent of guardian for anyone under 18 or persons who are over 18 but have insufficient understanding of the consent process.

Images are for OASIS use only and are never given to third parties without additional consent being obtained. Consent forms will be held securely and confidentially by the OASIS administrator and will be destroyed upon the withdrawal of consent or membership.

Images may be taken at coffee and chat groups, evening meetings, playdays, courses and OASIS social events.

  1. I hereby give consent, subject to the limitations below, for the Oxfordshire Autistic Society for Information and Support (hereafter known as OASIS) to use images of the persons agreed in relation to OASIS work.
  2. I understand that the images will not be identified by name unless I specifically agree this.
  3. I understand that OASIS will keep all the images and use them for such a period as is appropriate.
  4. I agree to the use of images/ video for the following purposes; OASIS promotional leaflets, OASIS posters, OASIS website, OASIS Facebook page, OASIS Twitter.